Gul JNR 3mm Code Zero Thermo Top
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Gul JNR 3mm Code Zero Thermo Top

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    Thermospan insulates core body panels the Code Zero top can be worn alone or to form part of a layering system. Titanium 2-lined thermal neoprene reflects the heat back in keeping you warm whilst out on the water. This top really is a versatile garment in both warm and cold water conditions, being windproof and water-resistant as well as providing 50+ UVA and UVB protection. A great edition to all watersports enthusiasts kit. Featuring new colourway and graphics. 

      • BLINDSTITCHED: Seam construction 
      • X-FLEX: 150% super-stretch main body
      • X-FLEX THERMAL: ultimate insulation & warmth
      • TITANIUM 2: - reflects heat back in
      • Windproof and Waterproof
      • 50+ UVA and UVB protection
      • TECH-NECK: single layer glide-skin neck seal
      • Non-petroleum based neoprene