Harken McLube Sprey 470ml
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Harken McLube Sprey 470ml

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    Dry lubricant high performance Sailkote ™
    This simple lubricant to use fast drying, adheres instantly to clean and dry surfaces and regrowth the dross while reducing the drag in air and in water.
    The remanence of Sailkote ™ is much greater than that of the additives of oils, lubricants wax or Teflon ®.

    Application on deck panels, drawers, doors sliding, gorges of headline, rails and slides of mast, engine bases, propellers and thrusters bow, parts of fishing reels and lines run, sails, battens and pennons, trucks and rails of listening

     Ecological, Sailkote ™ contains no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCS), or derived oil or dangerous toxin. Usable on rails ofmainsail, deck panels, sliding doors, sails, battens, pennons, trucks and rail on slides. 

    • Repels water, dirt, salt and pollutants

    • Reduced aerodynamic and hydrodynamic drag

    • Clean, dry and easy to use

    • Duration of life 10 times superior to that of Teflon ® lubricants,

    • Oils and lubricating wax

    • Capacity 470 ml