Optimax MK3 Flex Racing Spar Complete
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Optimax MK3 Flex Racing Spar Complete

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    540,00 €
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    Optimax is world famous for it's outstanding practical experience, meticulous material selection, ongoing innovative development, and "on line" connection with international top sailors. 

    Built from superior Lanurep space craft alloy that is hard anodized to a to a dark gray color ensures maximum stiffness; all fittings are hard anodized, glued, and then mounted with stainless steel screws to ensure durability. 

    The spar set comes complete with a pair of original Optimax® blue patent pennant holders , Wind indicator (ox9), SS halyard  complete with a Mk3 Optimax® design double row ball bearing 'hook-in' block, ball bearing halyard block with a Dyneema® halyard line, set of Dyneema® lacing lines for sail (ox11), set of Dyneema® mast top lacing lines for sail , and Optimax® mast collar & sleeve for maximum bearing and protection, rigging instructions also included.