Winner Denmark Race Package

Winner Denmark Race Package

SailQube Package (included hull,sail,foils)

SailQube Package (included hull,sail,foils)
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Τα μεταφορικά έξοδα δεν περιλαμβάνονται στην τιμή. 

Παραγγελίες κατόπιν συννενόησης με το κατάστημα.

Το νέο Optimist της SailQube είναι το κατάλληλο σκάφος για τις σχολές όλων των ομίλων οσον αφορά την εκμάθηση των νέων ιστιοπλόων.


The newest, fastest and coolest polyethylene Optimist!

The SailQube is the newest, fastest and above all the coolest polyethylene Optimist, designed by Jo Richards. The SailQube is multi functional and suitable for both individual sailors and sailing schools at any level. For beginners this indestructible sailing boat is the ideal boat to learn the first steps of sailing. And because of the racing dimensions the boat is the perfect training boat for the advanced sailors in the international Optimist class.
  • Styling and dimensions are equal to racing boats where appropriate and possible
  • Incredible panel stiffness and torsional rigidity
  • Extremely durable & maintenance free construction
  • Spacious cockpit (enough space for a second child)
  • 3 ribs on the bottom for stiffness and dragging the boat up and down the beach
  • The boat is completely fitted with Optiparts fittings, nothing else. So it is really easy for keeping spare parts, swapping things around etc.
  • 4:1 mainsheet with ratchet (option)
  • Towing bridle integral eyes in the transom
  • Dagger board shock absorber in case you run aground
  • Dagger board top plate (so no unwanted water comes in the boat
  • 100% self-draining cockpit
  • 100% dry upon right after capsize
  • Hiking straps and 4:1 mainsheet
  • Mast plate with adjustable mast step
  • Standard Optiparts rudder distance between the gudgeons
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